WEJAC - Will's Elided Java Api Compiler

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Will’s Elided Java Api Compiler


WEJAC is a simpler Java compiler. I was motivated to develop WEJAC for a tool that has fewer compiler options. Download WEJAC_July_2019.zip for entire package, or select the file to access and download.

The user manual is online, and available as e-book, either here in the repository, or online at:



  • Simplicity with fewer compiler command-line options
  • Java cross-platform bytecode for (macOS/Linux/Windows)
  • Uses underlying Java compiler through Java Compiler API
  • Java source code is open-source
  • Pre-built JDK7 compatible bytecode binary JAR file
  • Compiler is one Java class of approximately less than 600 lines of code
  • Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v. 3.0
  • User manual is free to copy and share with attribution


This compiler is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. The user book is licensed under the Creative Commons share alike attribution license version 4.