Multifaceted, versatile software development engineer, computer scientist, and writer.


Hello! I'm William Gilreath.

I am a multifaceted software engineer, web developer, mathematician, and computer scientist.

I love working with software--developing, testing, writing, and analyzing. In my spare time, I write both code and technical articles, and narrative prose--novels, short stories, book chapters, and poetry. I am showcasing some of the algorithms, code, programming languages, research papers, and web apps I have created, written, and published.


I have an inactive blog about my technical dabblings and other things...entitled "Much Ado About Nothing" where I write about this, that, and the other, but not of late.


For a current project, a new programming language "ZeptoN" I have an active blog...ZeptoN extends Java by adding a program entity, and being completely Java syntax and concept compatible....the ZeptoN Programming Language.

ZeptoN Code Example...

   prog helloWorld {
      println("Hello, World!!!");

Research Papers

Here are some theoretical research papers I have written, and have been published by the General Science Journal.

Source Code

FunCL Code Example...

         PUSH EOLN PUSH "Hello World!!!" ECHO ECHO .

Technical Writings

Web Apps


I am a computer scientist, software development engineer, mathematician, poet, writer. 

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