Multifaceted, versatile software development engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, poet, writer, and lover of cats.


Greetings! I'm William Gilreath  (he/him/his)

I am a multifaceted senior software engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, poet, writer, and lover of cats.

I love working with software developing, testing, writing, and analyzing source code. In my spare time, I write both code and technical articles, and narrative prose: novels, short stories, book chapters, and poetry.

I am showcasing some of the algorithms, code, programming languages, research papers, and web apps I have created, written, and published.

I am currently a Senior Member of Technical Staff (Senior MTS) at VMware, Inc. located in Palo Alto, California working with software development for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI).


I have an inactive blog about my technical dabbling and other things...entitled Much Ado About Nothing where I write about this, that, and the other, but not of late. Note that I am not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace, and other social media too much melodrama, and I do not want my personal life (and personal data, information) on the Internet.


My current technical project is a new programming language "ZeptoN" from "zepto" + "N". A small programming language (zepto- is a factor of 10-21) that is the Nth programming language (as programming languages go from 1 to N) where this is the Nth programming language.

The ZeptoN whitepaper [ epub | pdf ] describes the ZeptoN language, its goals, and gives many examples with output to illustrate the ZeptoN programming language.

ZeptoN extends Java by adding a program entity "prog" construct like a class (without the object-oriented trimmings), with an implicit program entry point as a block. Yet ZeptoN is completely Java syntax and concept compatible. ZeptoN puts the program back into Java programming!

ZeptoN is now available on my GitHub repo for download, or the GitHub page. This is the ZeptoN "Echo" transcompiler which transpiles to Java, and then uses the Java Compiler API to build a Java bytecode .class file.

I have had an article about ZeptoN published on JavaCodeGeeks describing extending the language.

ZeptoN Code Example...

   prog helloWorld {

      printf("Hello, World!!!");



   }//end prog helloWorld

I am developing and tinkering with Zeptor (ZEPtoN code ediTOR) a source code editor, with integrated ZeptoN transcompiler a basic

ZeptoN integrated development environment. Here is a Youtube! video (with accompanying Zither music from the classic movie "The

Third Man" playing as various ZeptoN programs are opened, compiled, and run. Check it out! And if interested, I'm looking for those

interested in trying out ZeptoN using Zeptor.


Here are some books I have written.

Research Papers

Here are some theoretical research papers I have written, and have been published by the General Science Journal .

Check out my Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic with my other works. https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097

Source Code

FunCL Code Example...

         PUSH EOLN PUSH "Hello World!!!" ECHO ECHO .

Technical Articles

Web Apps


I am a multifaceted senior software engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, poet, writer, and lover of cats.